The Ultimate Lip Kandy Glitter Kit

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Cosmetic Grade Glitters Safe to be used on Lips ,Eyes , Face and Body..


Our Ultimate Glitter Kit

27 pc Kit


All 24 Color Glitter Jars, 2 Glitter Base & 1 sable hair Lip Brush..


  1. Coral Reef glitter Jar
  2. Barbie Glitter Jar
  3. Bronzerella glitter Jar
  4. Chanel night glitter Jar
  5. Dark Signature Red glitter Jar
  6. Dolly Glitter Jar
  7. Sea Shell Splash glitter Jar
  8. Sea Horse Rainbow glitter Jar
  9. Pink diamonds glitter Jar
  10. Pinkalicious Glitter Jar
  11. Signature Red Glitter Jar
  12. Chocolate  glitter Jar
  13. Unicorn glitter Jar
  14. White Gold glitter Jar
  15. Wine glitter jar
  16. 24Kt Gold Glitter Jar
  17. Paris Blue Glitter Jar
  18. Starfish Wishes Glitter jar
  19. King of The Sea Glitter jar
  20. Queen of Love Glitter jar
  21. Pearl Madness Glitter jar
  22. Ace of Spades Glitter jar
  23. Mermaid Kisses Glitter Jar
  24. Sea Enchantress Glitter jar



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